The Product Case Exam (PCE)

The PCE assesses product candidates through exam testing for validation strategy, quality of assumptions, customer empathy and much more.

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What do you test candidates for?

The PCE exam assists in vetting candidates before you decide to screen or interview them. The exam covers theory and practice from customer research to team leadership & launch. Exam highlights are outlined below.

Short Answer

Short answer questions allow candidates to talk about their customer empathy, discuss leadership style and ability, and cover process.

Timed Case Studies

5-20 minute case studies ask candidates to show problem approach, ability to ask thourough investigative questions, proposed solutions, and plans for testing. Case studies vary from analyzing business model to entirely new products or adding features to existing tools.


True or false responses allow candidates to display knowledge of conducting useful research, good process, organization, common tools/practices and more.

Built from product expert feedback


“I look for quality of assumptions made, whether someone was able to put themselves in the user’s shoes, and whether they have a plan to measure success.”


“How do you know that the customer needs or wants what you could build? Who could you ask? Validation is very important to me.”


“I’m interested in how a candidate rallies a team around a mission, how do they build investment in the product?”

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